The Importance Of Marriage In Love Marriage

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In the wife-husband relationship, a child is also a proof of the wife's devotion. A child is it may seem the husband's legal assert. By giving a child to the man, the wife proves her loyalty to the husband, or even her affection to him. This holds true not only in arranged marriages, but also in love marriages. There are however, a number of other necessities besides giving the husband a baby that a woman has to meet in order to be considered a good wife. Most of them similar to those she had to meet as a daughter. A good wife should in addition cultivate her good qualities, while disposing of her vices. As for her appearance, she is expected to keep her good looks for her husband, possibly also to impress his friends. It is expected that she will be loyal and obedient to her husband, always at his disposal. Furthermore, even now as a married woman she has to ensure that her reputation, as well as that of her husband and family, remains together. To meet this constraint she has to manage the family so that it is a true home for the husband and act properly in society, keeping in mind...
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