The Importance Of Marketing Influence On Marketing And Social Media

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In a business, one of the most important factors to consider is the promotion. Promotion pertains to the whole set of actions that communicate the product, service or brand to the consumer. The point is for the consumers to be aware, catch their attention and encourage them to buy the product, in fondness over others. Nowadays, the internet attaches people and companies of all kinds to each other and to information all around the world. It connects everyone, everywhere, anytime to communication, information and entertainment. Companies use the internet to build closer relationships among marketing partners and customers. In recent times, websites and social media are the most easy way to show and spread information to a large number of people…show more content…
Marketing becomes cooler because of the interaction they get from their customers through the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Business people are able to see and know the comments of the customers regarding the brand, products and services through tweets and status updates in every single day, which becomes the way for them to know if they need to change or improve their promotions. With this, business people are able to identify which products do customers buy the most and why they love to buy it, know what posts they are sharing and from what sources. If business people are doing all these correctly, then social media will help build a good customer relationship. This gives way on the topic of our study, wherein it will be identified how effective is social media on attracting customers and the perceptions of the consumers on Rose & Grace’s social media, specifically its Facebook page. Now that businesses like restaurants are already booming and competitors increase as well which becomes a challenge on maintaining and growing the…show more content…
Facebook is a perfect website or instrument to help the business to promote their business because they can fill it with important information about the business and allow people to discover the benefits and purpose of the business. In this website, they can put anything like videos, announcements and many more to advertise their business. It also allows the people or the customers who tried experiencing their services to rate the business base on their performance, and they can suggest freely by just messaging and commenting to their Facebook page, profile or group. Although, it takes time to develop a relationship with the potential customers but it will be all worth it if the company built a strong foundation with the customers and gain their loyalty and trust.

Influencing the customers to purchase a product, the company needs to consider the perception of the customers in the brand. The perception of the customers may differ based on the customer or a certain demographic profile of the customers. There’s a variety of factors that the perception of the customers are developed by their own personal experience and/or how they have heard other people experienced the service and the product. Social media helps the customers to form their own perceptions about the brands, services and products of the business base on the reviews and details in the
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