The Importance Of Machines

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Machines, they are all around us. They help us learn things and they help us create things. The world of machines is a magnificent place, but why does one depend on them so much. Machines can provide the help you need for difficult things, but humans take advantage of this process and do not use the brain power to solve the simple problems they have in life. The world being dependent on the machines, they have changed the way our mind interprets information and affects the way the writing process is developed. In the article Is Google Making Us Stupid? By Nicholas Carr, he explains that the way of the internet has changed our lives for the worst. That everyone is having trouble staying focused on long articles that we could read a while ago. That the internet has taught us to process different ideas that take us off the track of what is going on in the paper or article. It has molded our brains to think and find the easy way out of the situation. Like many they describe in the article instead of reading, they simply skim over what they are reading and try to pick out the important parts they see. They miss the information they are seeking by just skimming, the readers do not understand that they…show more content…
By Michaela Cullington, she explains that students that text often have trouble writing papers. These students are so used to using abbreviations in their text messages they apply it to their papers and do not realize that they are making this mistake. So she went around and asked teachers about the things they seen and they had said that it was happening quite often. The teachers would try to fix it by correcting them and marking it wrong on the student’s assignments. She then conducted her own survey and found that people who text really do not make the mistakes as bad as everyone thought. That there were pros and cons toward texting and writing, but it can mess up the way one thinks and takes the emotion out of someone’s
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