The Importance Of Love In My Life

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1,000 words are not enough to tell you the ways God has spread His love through me. I grew up very fortunate my whole life. I have two loving parents who havealways supported me. To be honest, I’m blessed to say that I haven’t struggled much in my life because everything has been so available to me. However, that blessing has given me multiple opportunities to discover the real world around me. It has helped me become a part of God’s plan in helping His people. I solemnly believe that God has given me this life so I could bless others in His name and I’m happy to say that His plan is working through me. I love living in the Christian world because we are given vast opportunities to share God. My home church, West Houston SDA, takes Maranatha trips every summer to a different country. Last year, the youth got the opportunity to go to Barahona, Dominican Republic. This was my first mission trip and I felt that some people exaggerated them. Everyone kept telling me I would come back a changed person. And I did. I’ve always lived in the States. My life has been pretty easy and I have everything I need for survival. When I went on the Maranatha trip, it hit me that others didn’t live like me. I’ve always known but it never really goes through your mind until you see it firsthand. As I was walking down to a corner store, there was a man lying on the…show more content…
I could see it in their eyes. I could see it in their hearts. They told us themselves. I keep in contact with a few people and they always tell me that they love God and are really grateful we spread His message to them. I would love for schools and churches to participate in more mission trips. The people who we interact with in those countries out there feel the Holy Spirit. Seeing us, who are more fortunate that them, makes them wonder why we’re doing it. Later, they see our work and realize that God is sending people to help them. They know that He is there with
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