The Importance Of Love

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What is love? Communication? Trust? Excitement? Hope? Joy? Surrender? Selflessness? Intimacy? Commitment? As a child, you trust in love wholeheartedly. As a young teenager, you have surrender and hope in love. As a young adult, you have intimacy and excitement in love. As a parent, you have a deep connection and cherish your love. As a grandparent, you have commitment and strength in your love. And for some they have all those things in different orders, times and experiences. Love is not definable. Age and mental development are barely even definable. At every turn in life you will find a different way to love. Be it with a man, a woman, a child, or a friend. People have multiple explanations as to what love is, but in the end no one truly knows. What people ponder most is how relationships that seem so perfect, can end in a blink of an eye. Research shows that the problem pertaining to relationships ending is money. Money seems to be the controller in many situations. In the stories, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, money and the amount that you have, proves to be the leading control factor in relationships and can destroy them easily.
Research shows that the leading cause to relationships failing or divorce, is stress from money issues. When there is too little, stress levels rise. Too much, believe it or not, some people can’t agree how the excess money should be spent. Then we have wastefulness V.S. miserliness, if one person is always buying things without thinking about it and the other wants to save every penny, arguments are inevitable. Last but not least, lying. Some people hide money from their significant other, out of habit or mistrust; whatever the reason, it causes relat...

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...winning Daisy over. Her voice contains the promise of vast riches. However, Gatsby is too late to realize that money is the only thing her voice promises. There is no compassion in Daisy, just as there is none in cold, hard cash. Gatsby’s lapse in judgment is in not realizing that Daisy represents both material success and the corruption that wealth can bring. Although she appears to be full of sweetness and light, she is at heart self-centered and cold. Daisy is careless with people’s lives; she lets Gatsby take the blame for her unintentional manslaughter of Myrtle Wilson. Her careless actions eventually result in Gatsby’s death, of which she shows no concern. She commits adultery, but she had no real intentions of leaving her husband. After she learns of Gatsby’s shady background, she quickly runs back into the arms of her equally self-absorbed, corrupt husband.
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