The Importance Of Living In The Perfect World Of The Giver

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In our world, many are struggling, but many are succeeding as well. Numerous problems are present in our world, but what if none existed? What if our world was a perfect place, with no struggles and everything balanced in harmony? That would be boring. In the novel “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, a perfect world exists. Supposing that one was in the perfect world of The Giver, and pushed a button marked “surprise” then found them self in the current world, what would they do? If one were to push this button, life would differ from the perfect world they were previously a part of. If one came to the current world from the perfect world of The Giver, they would discover and overcome problems, experience a balanced life and encounter a wide range of experiences. In our world, problems continuously exist; however, in a perfect world, problems would not exist. The people would live without poverty, war and sickness. These problems could be shocking aspects for people previously living in a flawless world, but they would soon realize that we have become…show more content…
Lacking choices, one would not be able to utilize their creativity and would become dependent on the community to provide. In the current world, people must work to get the necessities, and many people today find their ideal position and earn the necessities while still enjoying themselves. In The Giver, there is a similar concept. Children can volunteer at places where they enjoy working, and a group of wise elders who have been watching over them decide their occupation. There is a certain amount of say with this format, but still limited, as the elders decide where one will best contribute. In the current world, you decide where you will work, so more choices are present, meaning that your life is your’s only and no one can control it. In the current world, there is less uniformity and more diversity with people following their own path through
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