The Importance Of Living A Long Life

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I will be 20 years old on December 30th of this year, so in 2009 I was 14 meaning according to the “Longevity Questionnaire” I will live to be 80. After completing the questions it is believed that I added 15 years to my life due to my physical health, my family history, and current life style. I learned that happiness, family, love, careers and health are major factors in living a longer life. I agree with these areas purported to be associated with living longer. I agree with them because being anything but happy causes stress that shows emotionally and physically. Family plays a huge role in love and being happy and support that a person needs to be successful in life. Loves factor in life in questionable because love comes and goes, but once you find the right mixture of love the happiness it brings makes up for all the heartbreaks in the past. A good career and income falls in place with happiness and less stress in one 's life. Health and family health history is the largest favor in living a long life. I will not live to be 100 according to the questionnaire, but I wasn’t able to answer a majority of the questions because I am only 19 and have not been able to experience some of those things this early in life.

#18- Successful Aging:
It is hard
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She lived an active and adventurous life joining her husband of 70 years. She is leaving two beautiful children behind along with four grandkids and six great grandkids. In Kelsie’s 95 years she visited 4 new countries with her husband including Fiji, Ireland, Italy, and New Zealand. She worked as an occupational therapist at a children 's hospital in South Carolina making a difference in children 's lives for over 20 years. Kelsie was an extraordinary daughter, friend, sister, mother, and grandmother. She supported all of her family and friends with everything they did even if she didn’t agree with their
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