The Importance Of Literature In Literature

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In the present academic world, the status quo of subjects typically taught in schools are changing rapidly. Curricula in many school systems appear to be outdated and need to be improved and modernized. Classic literary works, that are so well-known by educators and students, are now in the process of being removed. According to Lyndsey Layton, author of “Common Core State Standards in English spark war over words,” “The Common Core State Standards in English, which have been adopted in 46 states and the District, call for public schools to ramp up nonfiction so that by 12th grade students will be reading mostly “informational text” instead of fictional literature.” With standards such as Common Core, it is believed that by exempting non-fictional…show more content…
For instance, even though literature is used in numerous school systems, some individuals do not see literature as a needed component in order to academically strengthen students. In fact, it actually can be seen as irrelevant, due to the fact that it no longer relates to the interests of students. According to Jean Edelstein, author of “Learning to hate literature,” discusses the negative repercussions of literary based classes when stating “. . . It 's often suggested that the classics are bereft of any appeal to Youth Today.” Because of the old-fashioned dialect and peculiar sentence structure, there are some that do not see any relevance for students to continue studying literature. With its preserved language that was written to appeal to individuals of particular time periods and interests, it no longer has relatability to the interests of modern-day youth. Because of this, students have no desire to actually learn and comprehend the different areas of literature. For this reason, individuals firmly believe that if schools were to exempt literature and replace it with more recently published writings, students would be more apt to engage themselves in the aspect of
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