The Importance Of Literacy And Numeracy

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Literacy and Numeracy are important skills required in the modern world in order to coherently understand simple texts and calculations. Students studying to become teachers nowadays are forced to take a test introduced by former Minister of Education, Christopher Pyne. The law states that all teaching students at a university level, must pass a general literacy and numeracy test in order to enter the workplace as a full time, part time or casual teacher. This essay will argue the claims that go for and against the literacy and numeracy test and the validity of these arguments. Internationally there are other countries that have also taken a stance in the educational workplace to improve the levels of literacy and numeracy. The main question…show more content…
It is stated by (K Yasukawa, S Black, 2016, pg. 26) that almost half of all Australians are illiterate and struggle to read a map or bus time table. It is up to todays teachers to be able to teach these simple subjects to the up and coming generation, thus this test is beneficial in order to adequately asses students in their teaching abilities (Begley P, Smith A, 2014). This system is similar to that of the English government when in 2001 they implemented a policy where all pre-service teachers must complete a professional skills test in order to become a trainee teacher. The test however has no components that test the knowledge of the curriculum, similar to that of the Australian government’s test (Crown, 2016). This brings up the question as to whether this test is completely…show more content…
It can be offensive to universities as they are seen as not being able to adequately assess students, before commencing their careers in these areas to the standard the Australian government would prefer. Furthermore the curriculum is not being assessed, and most subjects studied are not tested either, which goes to show that simple literacy and numeracy tasks that are present in the test are a somewhat ineffective tool for secondary and university teachers in particular. It does however assess the effectiveness of professionalism in the workplace such as professional conversations, parent teacher interviews and being able to critically mark and analyse student material. However interviews from the workplace itself should be able to assess these areas before the students become teachers not an

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