The Importance Of Life Habits

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Ever wondered what life would be like at age 100? Ever wondered if you could actually live to be 100? It isn’t impossible. The truth is that the Fountain of Youth lies right within our daily habits. In fact, only ten percent of how long the average person lives is determined by our genes, and the other ninety percent by our lifestyle. It would be nice to put away the myths we’ve been constantly told about life longevity. It would also be nice to start putting these life- lengthening habits into practice right now and start adding years to our life expectancy—but the truth is, many Americans are not quite up to par with these daily habits. So what are these habits and why isn’t our community able to practice them? Dan Buettener teamed up with…show more content…
To put it simply, our community does not meet the level of the Blue Zoners in these areas. Thus, I do not think it is likely for my peers to adopt the habits of the Blue Zone inhabitants. To begin, our diets are vastly different. The diets of the people of Virginia cannot compare to the diets of the Blue Zoners, as the Blue Zoners’ diets prove to be much healthier. I don’t think many people here in Virginia eat a plant-based diet like the people of the Blue Zones, and that goes for most of America (Buettner par. 14, 18). With processed food all around us, it could be a challenge to commit to healthy diet, especially with our fast-paced lives. And because processed food is so easy to get, sometimes people can only afford these cheap, junk foods as opposed to healthier choices. Also like Dan Buettner stated, there is a lot of confusion about what really helps us live a longer, better life. And one factor contributing to this confusion is with companies plastering labels on food products that claim to be good for you. It’s no wonder there is so much confusion—people are pointed in the wrong direction. The idea that bigger…show more content…
You go into the bars in Sardinia, instead of seeing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar, you see the centenarian of the month calendar” (Buettner, par. 15). In this Blue Zone, older people are celebrated for the older they get, a great contrast to American society, and quite a positive mentality to have in a community. As Buettner stated, in our community we are more interested in seeing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar rather than the centenarian of the month calendar (Buettner, par. 15). I think if age didn’t have such a negative connotation surrounding it, Americans would have more of an incentive to live longer. The most important factors that go hand in hand in life longevity are our mentality and the way we organize our society. It’s not that Americans don’t want to live longer, part of it is that they don’t want the price of getting older that comes with it. In these Blue Zones, people in Sardinia are living to get older while in America people are dying to stay young. Lastly, our society doesn’t seem to get along with many people. Dan Buettner stated that right now the average American has about one and a half good friends. Maybe it’s our lack

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