The Importance Of Life After Death

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Death is not something thought about often, if even at all, though it is the only thing in our life that is guaranteed since the day we are born. At a young age, most are taught what happens after death, likely through a certain religion. When I was young, I was taught that there was a heaven, where good people went, and a hell, where evil people went. Either way, that is where you would live eternally after death. Others have their own learned opinions on what happens after death, most opposing, like Lucretius and Lao-tzu. Lucretius explains his opinions in On the Nature of the Universe, and Lao-tzu explains his opinions in Tao Te Ching. Overall, there is one thing that stands true throughout all beliefs of what happens after death. This is…show more content…
Lao-tzu is a Taoist. He believes the afterlife is no different than life itself. We are the Tao before conception, during birth, all throughout life, and especially after death we are the Tao again. “In the beginning was the Tao. / All things issue from it; / all things return to it . . . the source of light. / This is called practicing eternity” (52). His belief is that if you are to live through the Tao, the Tao lives through you, then when death comes, it is nothing different. Death is considered nothing because if you live in the Tao, then you will live eternity through the Tao. Lao-tzu believes one will not worry about death while living because when immersed in the Tao, one is immersed in peace, “Let your heart be at peace / . . . Immersed in the wonder of the Tao, / you can deal with whatever life brings you, / and when death comes, you are ready” (16). He explains that while living, nothing can ruin your peace, so when death comes, it is noting. The Tao gives us peace throughout our lives, thus it gives us peace also through death. Lao-tzu also describes when one is not afraid of death, they are basically invincible in life, “If you aren’t afraid of dying, there is nothing you can’t achieve” (74) He shows when one lives through the Tao, they do not hold back in life because they are free of fear. Thus, when one does not hold back from living, then when death comes they are ready.…show more content…
Lucretius believes if life is to be lived in serenity, death will arrive without care. Lao-tzu believes death is no different than life if one is living within the Tao, because through the Tao, everything is eternal. Ringing true throughout all beliefs is how one should live a happy and fulfilling life before it is over. Focusing on death steals time away from life, so one should not waste that valuable time. If one focuses on living their life to the fullest, they can leave it behind without regrets. When death comes, their work will be done on Earth and their purpose there was fulfilled, so they will be ready to recycle the life on
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