The Importance Of Liberalism

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Judith Blau and Alberto Moncada stated in – Human Rights: Beyond the liberal

vision – that: “Liberalism is a point of view, a weltanschauung, a consciousness.”

(2005). Libralism is a political view based on emphasis of liberty, personal freedoms,

human rights , respect for minorities and equality of social beings. Liberalism gives

importance to equality which was denied in the past , but the movement that

started during the last quarter of the19th century and the 20th century brought

progressive liberalism that this subject space is not enough to discuss. In this essay,

I will explain how difference-blind liberalism concern the issues of the public policies and

cultural diversity.

“Liberalism have
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And what is meant is that laws should apply in the

same way. Difference-blind liberal support the claim that it is not unjust to enact laws

that have a heavier impact on some cultural groups than on another.

“The simplest variety of inductive reasoning is argument by analogy, which

takes note of the fact that two or more things are similar in some respects and

concludes that they are probably also similar in some further respect. Not every analogy is an

argument, we frequently use such comparisons simply to explain or illustrate what we mean.

But arguments by analogy are common too.”

(, 2016 ).

Margalit and Raz argued that it is important to preserve cultural traditions. They

reject “difference-blind liberalism” because, they hold that “cultural groups should be

able to live in accordance with their own principles, they call this ‘self-determination’

“(Margalit and Raz 1990). They also reject the idea that people who lose some aspect

of their culture can compensate by simply adopting a new cultural tradition.

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