The Importance Of Leisure And Leisure In Latin America

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this book records, systematizes, spreads and extend the exchange of experiences on free time, leisure and recreation in latin america. it has been elaborated in Brasil with the collaboration of Colombia and chile, countries where different people and institutions combine strategies with the purpose of encourage dialogue, encourage studies, share knowledges and sociocultural practices. It presents the reality of the free time, leisure and recreation in several Latin American countries, from studies that allow to understand how leisure time, leisure time and recreation were and are constructed socially, politically and historically in the countries that make up Latin America, and also understand how they are lived in everyday life and they have been treated by scholars and professionals interested in the subject. In this way it makes it possible to start a reflection on the role played by the free time, leisure and recreation in each society, about the obstacles faced, future possibilities and overcome challenges.…show more content…
Leisure, leisure and recreation are not pure market, blind interest and business. Defining leisure as a complex social practice and possibility of resistance is reborn the subject, citizen and person, to commit themselves to the creation of new forms of social, historical and spatial
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