The Importance Of Learning Skills

In view of Abbott (1994), learning is a reflective activity which lets the learner to draw upon previous experiences to understand and appraise the present. According to Psychology Dictionary, learning skills is a set of skills used in the process of acquiring new knowledge. As a student, I do agree that the complete Learning Skills course will helps the student to evolve their study strategies and academic writing skills with a few reasons to support my stand.

Firstly from Learning Skills course, I have learnt how to manage my learning such as coping with learning and the personal learning styles. From that only I realized that how is my personal learning styles, which are active, sensing, visual and global. Other than that, I know the
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We should know, what is the purpose for reading? Different of reading purpose using different reading skills. For example, we use speed reading to get an overview or to locate specific information while the method of SQ3R is to identify the main idea and gain detailed critical understanding. It is important to use ones that suit the purpose for reading. The ability to read well will enhance our learning skills.

Third, I have learnt the note making and note taking skills such as the ways of writing notes (annotation, mind maps, summary notes), making notes from printed matter and taking notes during tutorials. It is important to learn this because it will helps us to save a lots of times when doing back revisions or doing homework. Fourth, I can coping well with my assignment with the steps of writing assignment such as write the structure of an assignment, the common faults that found and ethics in writing an
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They are burdened by their family commitments, daily work commitments, friend commitments and due to their dream to pursue tertiary study, they have added another study commitment to their backpack. It is important to have a proper time management to rearrange.

Next, the ODL learners will faced the constraint of English language proficiency. As we known that at the tertiary study level mostly is in English. For those ODL learners that lack of English language proficiency will take a longer time to find out about the meaning of text or looking up at the dictionary, so some of them will think is a complicated things and give up easily.

Lack of knowledge on handling with the technologies and limited access on internet connection are the problems that faced by ODL learners. The knowledge of using the technologies such as computer and internet skills. For example, most ODL learners do not know how to use the Microsoft Office for documentation and presentation preparation and searching information on internet and digital library. Some of them do not have the internet connection at

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