The Importance Of Learning English As A Second Language

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The world is becoming a smaller place, due to the technology and reproduction of humans. Nowadays, it is much easier to travel and communicate with other societies from all over the earth. With technology the world is closely connected than ever before as we share cultures, ideas and beliefs. In order to communicate with such a wide scale one has to understand and use English; the most common language that is spoken all over the world. Therefore, this raise’s the need for millions of people around the globe to learn English as a second language. (Crystal, 2005 as cited in Gonzales, Houghton, Kaye & Stewart, 2012). Learning a language that is rather different from your mother tongue is a hard task to achieve. Especially in this technology era…show more content…
As a result, this generates two main concerns; (1) some teachers may have difficulty adapting to the new styles of teaching and technology, (2) underdeveloped countries do not have the financial assistance to support such resources. First, teachers must be given instruction on how to effectively use visual aid resources and understand the technology it is practiced in. This can be done by means of professional teacher training or simply with fellow colleagues, teachers who are familiar with the technology can support other teachers by showing them how to utilize different technologies within their classroom. Second, teachers need to understand that the use of visual aids is not limited to, economic resources; a teacher can successfully improve the classroom without expensive equipment. For instance, a teacher who lacks the necessary resources can simply use old books and magazines to make flash cards or use the board to draw simple images to add visual cues to their lessons. Therefore, the teacher can apply particular aids according to the needs of her classroom, the level of the students and the available resources, thus, implementing an effective lesson. Furthermore, using visual aids during teaching motivates the student and reinforces the learned language; it further provides exciting learning experiences and helps improve reading, writing, speaking and listening
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