The Importance Of Learning A New Language

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Learning a new language is something many people struggle with, but there are many ways people could learn a new language. Any foreign learner who is trying to learn a new language should learn to have a growth mindset, accept challenges, and maintain a healthy mindset. Willing to have a positive attitude and accept change will help people achieve any goal set forth. It takes a person who wants to learn have the ability to accept challenges no matter what they might be. Having a growth mindset, giving up is never an option. Keeping one’s brain healthy by doing various things like getting plenty of rest, having a balance diet, and challenging their brain helps them learn better. In the article “Mindsets,” Carol Dweck writes about the Growth…show more content…
Some pathways have tiny gaps that are called synapse. When people want to learn something new a signal is now sent to the synapse that allow us to learn something different. When individuals do something over and over again, it becomes permanent in our brain. In order to learn something new, a person must go through a trial and error stage, in which the video compares it as building a bridge; when someone first starts something new and want to get better at it, they must keep going and do it over and over again until it builds muscle memory. When I started to learn English I notice that it was complicated because it was something new. I knew that I really wanted to learn English so I challenge myself every week that I will learn up to ten words in two days. I started off with learning my alphabets, reading simple flash cards that had words like; me, my, he, she, can, is and etc. I than got myself a tutor that helped me after school because in school I was in a program called ESL that help me learned it faster than I expected. When an individual wants to learn something new, like learning a new language a person has to accept the challenges that come along with it. Along with accepting challenges people have to turn their weakness into strength, otherwise a person may not fully develop their learning capabilities. Challenges…show more content…
The brain is approximately 3lbs, it controls everything we do. The left side of the brain controls the right side, and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the brain. When we first learn something new our neurons send messages that helps keeps everything we learn permanent. According to the learn pod it is proven that we learn best when we happier, maintain a good a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water helps the brain to function well. It is also important that we challenge our brain by learning different methods of learning and staying positive. The brain is like a boss it controls everything including our short and long term memory. When I first started learning English at first it was far the hardest thing I had ever done in my entire life. I had to challenge my brain over and over again by various study activities like making flash cards, reading a lot of books, puzzle, and etc. It is important that a person maintain a healthy mindset when they want to learn something new or keep information in their brain, to take care of the brain a person should drink plenty of water, a person needs protein, carbohydrate, and maintain the right amount of diet. It is also important that a person gets plenty of rest and exercise daily. When we keep our brain healthy it is likely that we will learn faster and keep everything in our

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