The Importance Of Leadership And Conflict Management

So everyone knows, that in order for a business to be successful it must be under the right management and have a core group of workers who are dedicated. Leadership and conflict management are very important parts of business and it has a very close relationship with communication. There are many different types of leadership and types of power. Most would say they already know all about leadership and power; however, they are very wrong. Leadership is all about collaborating, and it is necessary to produce mutual influence and common purpose for the development of change. Good leadership helps workers feel as if everyone is working together to reach a same common goal, and makes them feel as if they belong. Bad leadership makes workers feel…show more content…
Beyond title or position within the organization, power comes from other sources Learning power provides a language and a framework with which the learner (employee or student) and their learning facilitator (leader, coach or teacher) can understand and develop the self-concept, their identity and their motivations to learn. As I stated before, there are five different types of ways to utilize power. Legitimate power refers to power based on positions of authority, coercive power pertains to power through negative reinforcement. Reward power pertains to power through positive reinforcement, this is usually the one that helps employees feel more valued. Expert power is power based on an individual 's expertise in a given field, so this applies to those who have been at a business for a couple of years. Lastly, connection power is based on a connection with someone with power. By looking at the different types of power, it helps you recognize the difference between managers and leader. Leadership roles represent a variety of types of power, and managerial functions represent power obtained from having the title of manager. Not every workplace will utilize power in the same way, so that a worker does not feel as if they are being treated wrongfully, utilizing power is a good way to handle conflicts in the
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