The Importance Of Leadership

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Leadership An effective leader is one who is followed by others in the business works. Leaders have the be knowledgeable about the human nature, plus guide employees by reducing the doubts of the ranked employee success. Some people believe that leaders can be born. Others believe they can be created. A leader is one, who utilizes their capabilities of influencing and inspiring people to commit towards accomplishing an attainable goal. True leadership can be exemplified in the rank of employees. Leadership is something that a person can be innately born with or a gained skill through experiences, such as speaking in front of people at a meeting, the organization of an event, or as a role model in the household. If leaders are born, then what is the point of leadership development? The answer can create a vast variety of controversy because the answer can be both. People that have certain traits allow them to step into a…show more content…
Respect means to not use a position of authority as leverage above your subordinates. As a leader one should be approachable to their subordinates. Cooperation is the ability to work together to get the goal done. Working together helps to build bridges of communications, which is extremely important when working with a subordinate on a personal level. Leadership can be the process by which one person influences the attitudes, thoughts and behavior of other people. Social influences can easily enlist and support others in the accomplishment of the same task, therefore allowing the group to accomplish and attain a common goal. “These leaders are not just concerned about helping the group achieve its goals: they also care about helping each member of the group reach his or her full potential” (Cherry 2014). As skills become sharpened, leaders emerge, which allow for these qualities to mold a true leader that evolves over the course of a
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