The Importance Of Leadership

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Before one can encourage the heart of others, it begins within the leader. For some leaders it is a natural born talent, for others it is an exploration of self worth and being. Leaders who discover the true talents of being able to encourage the heart of others discover there’s more meaning behind reaching goals, and accomplishing tasks. The thesis of this paper is that true leadership lies within those who coach from the heart, to encourage other hearts. The top three essentials to encouraging the heart, academic teaching and theories, experiences and future expectations that have lead to recognize that igniting the passion in followers leads to great future leadership.
Top three Essentials
Kouzes and Posner (2003), identify seven Essential
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It’s guiding others to be successful. A strong leader always self reflects and identifies needs for improvement. In the scholars academic studies, she agrees the display of a positive attitude is necessary on a daily bases. “We all have bad days, it’s the responsibility of the leader to remain optimistic, and encourage others to give their best in everything they do (2016, Diaz).” It is relevant that people can identify a caring leader verses a manager. Followers are more likely to follow those who show interest in their personal emotions, work, values and goals. People want to feel connected with those whom they work with. Studies show that organizations work best when staff feels connected to one another and relationships are built through effective communication (Jones, 2015). “A leader needs to find out what is rewarding to followers about their work and then make those rewards available to them when they accomplish requirement of their work (Northouse, 2016).” Northhouse Path Goal Theory trains the leader to remove obstacles and barrios so that staff have a clear path to reaching the…show more content…
In the identified scholars experience of working in the expanded learning field of education, she has identified that paying attention to all whom they serve, greatly increases the overall success of the organization. By taking time to great individuals, shake their hands, say hi, give thanks, establishes a quality relationships. Creating a foundation of caring, trust, and respect. No one likes to be ignored. Everyone wants feel supported, apart of the group and be successful. In return staff were more likely to act out similar character traits with students, colleagues, and community
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