The Importance Of Law, Crime And Justice

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Law, crime and justice are becoming more difficult to define based on societal norms, formal and informal influences. These influences alter the way the justice system and legal citizens exercises the penal code. When I first defined law, crime, and justice I applied only my current knowledge of the subject. Now I can define the words with an added sociological prospective to link how they play a part in the criminal justice system. Dr. King wrote a letter pointing out many of the issues within the courts, police and citizen’s role in social norms. These issues addressed in the past have some parallels that are current to today’s law. He explained that the application of just and unjust laws plays a role in how racial discrimination is factored into decision making.…show more content…
In my initial explanation I said the reason people do not break laws is to keep their social status and have future employment. Now I can further add a list of informal punishments from power structures that have a role in why people do not break laws, and that shape how the individual act and react to certain situations. This cost/benefit analysis of engaging in crime is often affected by power structures such as family, religion, organization, media and school. Media can shape how we as a society can view subsets of people. Media producers often create a narrative for how we perceive people. For example, there were many posters that came out during the war on drugs that produced images of the poor African American crack baby driving the message that race is tied to crime which was incorrect. How harsh you punish someone in the criminal justice system is a subjective topic depending on who it is being applied to. White collar crimes are often the most expensive and biggest crimes.Yet they result in petty offenses due to their political ties and society’s concern with other

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