The Importance Of Kitchen Aesthetics

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Kitchen’s across the nation continue to evolve from the functional, cookie-cutter, space to a creative, unique, and inspiring one. Kitchen cabinets play an important role in the aesthetic changeover of kitchens, because they are no longer just for extra storage — but style, as well.

In our most precious blog, we covered five popular kitchen cabinet designs that we’ve noticed trending in homes, not only in Barbados, but across the nation! Check out five more popular trends among kitchen cabinetry, and when you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, contact the professionals at Fiberpol Inc. for a free consultation!
Simple Aesthetics
In part one of this blog, we mentioned how the clean and simple look of kitchen cabinets is on the uprising. One of the most recognizable trends of cabinetry has been the adoption of simple aesthetics. We expect this minimalism trend to continue for years to come. Most modern cabinets do not boast the ornate style that was inspired by the late 17th and 18th
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Check out some of the benefits of this popular trend.
Save Space
Having appliances integrated into your kitchen cabinets ensures that your kitchen is efficient in its use of space.
Seamless aesthetic
Integrated appliances feature a smooth transition from appliances to cabinets and create a very appealing look. If you’re not a fan of gaps between kitchen appliances and cabinets then this style may be perfect for you!
Hide Unattractive Features
We have all been there. We’ve all experienced a specific kitchen feature that made us embarrassed to have company over. For example, maybe you don’t like seeing your refrigerator doors, having an integrated featured would allow you to hide it within your cabinetry. In addition to a fridge, you can hide other appliances inside your cabinets instead of having them stand out!

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