The Importance Of Keeping The Environment

Nature is a very important part of the life of all living organisms. Everyone should take part in keeping the environment in the best conditions possible and if not kept up as best as possible the population should be held accountable for whatever that is to happen in the environment if something bad happens. Three ways that the public could help keep the environment intact include reducing water use to prevent droughts,minimize the use of chemicals, and dispose of hazardous materials correctly.
The first reason that the public should help keep the environment intact is to stop droughts. When using water we have to make sure that we do not abuse it and use more than is needed. So we have to cut back on how much water that we use. When water
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By terminating or reducing our usage of harsh chemicals provides the best way to to protect our bodies of water from the nasty chemicals. When chemicals seep into a body of water, the side effects could be disastrous and leave many of the organisms within the ecosystem in very harsh conditions. After a rain shower when water is running down the streets or after you give your car a wash your car , the runoff water carries toxic chemicals from your street and yard which ultimately may filtrate into our waterways. Sweeping trash instead of hosing it off of your drive/walkway will decrease the amount of unwanted items making into the water system. When washing your car, use a bucket instead of a hose. Having permeable outdoor surfaces like gravel, as well as gardens, also minimizes runoff but gardens can also have a negative effect. For example elements found in fertilizer such as phosphorus and nitrogen, aid in escalation in algae growth when it is introduced to a body of water, which kills off existing aquatic life in the area. The toxins also affect humans in a way. There is a high chance that if you do not have a drinking well located several hundred feet below the surface then you have been exposed to many toxic substances that have been dumped into the ground and into our waterways for many years. Dumping untreated human waste, different chemicals and other toxic material into the waterways can damage them permanently. “Nearly every municipal water supply also has fluoride (a highly toxic poison) added during water treatment, which is detrimental to your health. Europeans have known for many years that fluoride is toxic and have long since removed it from their water supplies, but it still is used in the United States”(Mercola). Some bodies of water “die” due to the pollutants that they endure. They become unable to support any
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