The Importance Of Junk Food

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Junk food today has become such a large factor on today 's society, from small snacks to even our public schools are overwhelmed with junk food. I believe that public schools should have a healthier and stricter regulations on top of what they already have. In regard to food they sell and are serving. There are so many problems that are affiliated with an abundance of junk food being sold. With junk food so easily accessible it’s a big contributor to the rise in childhood obesity, what kind of nutritional example are they trying to set for kids. Children need to develop healthy eating patterns in and out of school, if public schools reduce the amount of junk food they provide it lowers the amount that the children can intake during school,…show more content…
The amount of activity that a child does may not always be in the control of the parent but it still goes hand and hand with their nutrition and overall health. Decreased energy expenditure coupled with increased caloric intake remains a significant factor. The explosion of affordable technology such as cell phones, handheld computer games and so on has promoted a sedentary lifestyle for contemporary children (McMurray et al. 2000). The issue of the sedentary lifestyle constitutes an important environmental factor on children’s physical activity levels. Exercise is important for children to help maintain appropriate metabolic rate, improve overall psychological outlook and may be an aid in controlling appetite (Roberts 2000). Safety of the built environment including safe places for activity is a clear link to children’s physical activity levels. Children are aware of the places in which activity is encouraged and where it is discouraged or prohibited (Sallis & Glanz 2006). Along with the decrease in exercise and increase in nutrient intake, food portion size has increased for a number of years. Young & Nestle (2002) found that many fast food outlets now exceed recommended sizes. Other studies indicate that the more the people are offered to eat, the more they are…show more content…
This seems to be reasonable, but considering the responsibility and role of a school to protect its student’s health, banning junk food or establishing stricter regulations is more preferable. With that said it leads me to the next issue with some schools’ unhealthy foods offered is with an increase in poverty in the U.S, some of the only nutritional meals some children will get are at schools. The current regulations for schools is called the “National School Lunch Program”. The National School Lunch Program is a federally assisted meal program operating in over 100,000 public and non‐profit private schools and residential child care institutions. It provided nutritionally balanced, low‐cost or free lunches to more than 31 million children each school day in 2012. In 1998, Congress expanded the National School Lunch Program to include reimbursement for snacks served to children in afterschool educational and enrichment programs to include children through 18 years of age (“The National School Lunch Program”, 2013). Even with this program being implemented childhood obesity is still on the rise, so what’s wrong here? What types of food are even sold? States select entitlement foods for their schools from a list of various foods purchased by USDA and offered through the school lunch program. Bonus foods are offered only as they become available through
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