The Importance Of Job Satisfaction In The Workplace

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In today’s work environment, Job Satisfaction is finally being highlighted as a major part of an organization as firms can now see the benefits that it can bring. Job Satisfaction can be described as, “A sense of inner fulfillment and pride achieved when performing a particular job. Job satisfaction occurs when an employee feels accomplished something having importance and value worth recognition; a sense of job.” (Wicker 2011). In this current paper, we will discuss the rise in the focus on job satisfaction and the benefits that it has bought to firms that on it.
Job satisfaction has been defined as simply as, “the degree to which people like their jobs,” (Spector, 1997) while some definitions have gone more in-depth in the descriptions
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By understanding the level of employee satisfaction, the company can have a better chance of delivering positive customer experiences, producing innovative products and services and attaining a good bottom line.” (Gaurav, 2012). Job satisfaction has also been said to be, “some extent a reflection of good treatment. It also can be considered an indicator of emotional well-being or psychological health,” and, “Furthermore, job satisfaction can be a reflection of the organizational functioning,” (Spector, 1997). This is very easy to see because it all depends on how the business treats the employee, if they are treated well the employee will be satisfied with their job and would feel highly motivated but if they are mistreated their emotional well-being will not be good as they think they will be underappreciated and unwanted at their…show more content…
This can be due to the fact that since the employees are satisfied with their jobs they are excited to clock in and work hard for their organization as they are appreciated and motivated, this also will help lower all the counterproductive activities that happen in the workplace, for example, time wastage and deviant behaviour. As claimed by the online article, “How Important is Job Satisfaction in Today’s Workplace,” they claim that job satisfaction, “Keeping workers happy helps strengthen a company in many ways,” such as lowering turnover (satisfied employees are typically much less likely to leave), higher productivity, increased profits and loyalty. Finally, in another online article entitled, “What are benefits of Job Satisfaction?” they express that, “High job satisfaction may lead to improved productivity, decreased turnover and improved attendance, reduced accidents, less job stress and less unionization.” But however, when they talk about the relationship between job satisfaction and productivity, they claim that “research evidence concludes that there is not a strong relationship between these two.” They use findings from Lawler and Porter as they, “found that there is more evidence to suggest that job performance
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