The Importance Of Jazz On American Culture

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1115 words

Jazz is a treasure to American culture, which originally came from New Orleans of South part of America in 19th century. It’s a special music because it contains changeable rhythm and improvisational performance. But what makes jazz so special in 1920s is that Jazz could not only be performed by an individual but also could be performed by a group of people. This music performance style shows important things about American society and culture itself.
Jazz involves vast amount of different instruments, for example clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone and so on. While playing jazz, the percussion instruments are also an important part, like double bass, drums and piano. All of these instruments work together as a whole, and then the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jazz refers to two important facets of american life: individualism and teamwork. duke ellington liked playing solo, but knew how to work with other musicians to make music better and show it to his audiences.
  • Analyzes how louis armstrong was popular and famous in the 1920s. he expressed his sad mood in songs like "lonesome road", "hotter than that", and "on the sunny side of the street".
  • Analyzes how f. scott fitzgerald's "this side of paradise" and "all the sad young man" portrayed the american dream crumbed in the 1920s.
  • Explains that jazz is the symbolism of american society and culture, and its development witnessed the progress of america.
  • Explains that jazz is a treasure to american culture because it contains changeable rhythm and improvisational performance.

Jazz replaces some popular music to be America’s mainstream popular music. This kind American music finds its way to the whole America. In this period, Jazz’s every note makes young man crazy, and then the word “JAZZMAD” comes into America. Jazz has a connection to the American in some fundamental way. It is an African roots of American culture. Jazz’s free rhythm, and the lyrics presents the decadence and dark life in America, and it reflects American culture. However, Jazz’s development witnesses the process of American culture. Jazz is a pure American music, because of this advantage, it brings so many fans of Jazz. This fusion makes Americans believe that the Jazz is related to their identity, and namely tolerance. Americans learn every day and they believe that other people and culture can make their life valuable. As the result, it makes Jazz a distinctly American …show more content…

(Document B) From an advertisement poster, it shows his concert could hold more than 8,000 seats which cost $1.50 at that time, and some other seats was cost $0.75. US dollar in 1920s was more valuable compare to nowadays. According to this result, Louis Armstrong was really popular and famous at that time. He also expressed his sad mood in his songs, in “Lonesome Road”, “Hotter Than That”, “The Snake Rag”, “On the Sunny Side of the Street” and etc. For example, in the song of “Hotter Than That,” Louis Armstrong kept using and repeating the word, “Hotter, hotter, hotter; hotter than hell, hotter than hell, when the sun goes down, cold day in hell…” He points out that people’s lives are evil living in the hell, and people’s mental activity is kind like a war. And, in another song by Louis Armstrong— “On the sunny side of the street”. The lyrics represents the beautiful things, and “on the sunny side of the street” is being repeated for several times which to express a peaceful and beautiful life. It is a solo for the band feature, and it requires the player to find their ways to explain the Jazz, while the player has to put his heart into the music. The music is from the life, Jazz as music form, it has a deep relationship with social life of

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