The Importance Of Japanese Hypersexuality

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Historically Japanese sexuality has been very conservative and inclusive. The term the “old ways” has been mentioned in many cases in my research. This in itself suggests, that even in the modern era that Japanese sexuality continues to maintain it fundamentally conservative attitudes towards sex. Although, at the same time it seems that Japanese popular culture and media projects a sense of hypersexuality. This research paper is main goal is to launch into an exploratory research into the contradictory nature that is Japanese sexuality. In short, on the one hand you have the traditional conservative nature suggested by the research. On the other hand you have the hypersexual nature projected by the Japanese media outlets. It is the ultimate…show more content…
In this case traditional maternal attitudes and heterosexuality is greatly emphasized in the Japanese culture. Although, as previously stated the immediate research suggests that these social scripts are blown out of proportion by the Japanese media. One of the more popular misconceptions is that Japanese women, “love to be subservient”. On the contrary since the 1990’s Japan has seen an increase in feminist movements like never before. It should also be noted that, Japanese women are also some of the most educated women (Vivien, 1991). This could be a result of female making up 40% of the overall work force in Japan. Which in in-turn, lead to the prompting of the Japanese feminist movement; when the women begin to fight for more rights in the workplace. This workplace feminist can also be seen another form of outdated media, the comic. There has been a recent development of several corporate feminist comic making fun of their stuffy corporate male counterparts (Vivien,…show more content…
I particular a study that analyzed the projection of gender constructs upon Japanese culture by five popular serial dramas; demonstrated that portrayed stereotypes that are seen as the norm, but research says otherwise. Most of these popular serial dramas portrayal a main female character as being: “feminine, gentle and polite, while being intelligent and strong at the same time” (Poerwandari, De Thouars, & Hirano, 2014). These characteristics have developed into a social norm shaping men’s desired characteristics they look for in a female partner. This then creates a social environment in which men desire these traits, and thus women must then conform to said traits in order to attract a male partner. When interviewed Japanese men who were are a fan of Japanese anime, concluded that the traits they most sought in a partner was: “cute, loyal, delicate, innocent, yet sexually attractive and willing to fulfill the sexual fantasies of men” (Poerwandari, De Thouars, & Hirano, 2014). This is just an example of unrealistic standard being projected by the media that eventually create social norms in males and females among a large age range. Japan being an economically driven country, it is no leap of the imagination to think that the most females desire a man that is economically stable. Along with most males
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