The Importance Of Islam In The Middle East And Islam

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The Middle East and Islam seem to go hand in hand. Islam has unified the Middle East throughout its expansion. The Middle East has always been and continues to be more than just Islam even to this day. It’s impossible to overlook the impact of the influence of the religion as a whole on the region itself, and the fact that Islam has become a convenient way to define the region itself. When Islam spread to the regions of the Middle East, including Spain, Muslims began translating the ancient Greek and Roman texts to Arabic. Soon, Arabic became the language of science and medicine around the world. The spread of Islam, from the heart of the Middle East and North Africa all the way to India and Southeast Asia, revealed the power of the religion. At this point in time there was complete…show more content…
Finally we can see how the application of Sharia law impacted the Middle East. Sharia law which was derived from the Quran protected commerce and imposed severe punishments for theft and dishonesty. These laws were enforced and disputes were resolved by the Qadis who were Muslim jurists. As a merchant you were provided with a forum which would be used to make complaints and assure that they were revolved in a consistent and systematic way. Sharia law is the law of Islam and was created by the actions and words of Muhammad, known as Sunnah as well as the Quran which Muhammad was the author of. The Sharia law covers a wide variety of topics as a legal system as compared to other legal systems that deal primarily with public behavior. Sharia law not only covers public behavior but also enforces private behavior and private beliefs. Of all the legal systems in the world Sharia law is the most intrusive and strict in terms of women’s rights. In Sharia marriage and divorce are the most significant aspects whereas criminal law is the most controversial. Sharia law has categories of offenses: those that are given a specific punishment as stated in the Quran, those that
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