The Importance Of Interviewing Skills In An Interview

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Everyone has attended or will attend a job interview in there life time, which is considered to be a very stressful process for most. However, by being prepared for an interview it can calm nervous and help a person land the job of their dreams. The overall goal of an interview is to convince the recruiter that you’re the best person for the job. In order to this, the interviewee must sell his or her skills, knowledge, and experience in a professional manner to the employer. The company will also be looking for people that are motivated and bring a positive personality to the organization. For an outstanding interview, it is essential that the interviewee prepares prior to the interview, dresses and acts in a professional manner, and…show more content…
Prior to walking into the building the interviewee should make everything is neat and orderly. When entering the building it is polite to greet and introduce yourself to the receptionist and the interviewer, make sure to make eye contact and show confidence. Proper business etiquette is used during the interview process, this consists of shaking hands, waiting to be asked to sit, keeping all electronic devices turned off, and respect the interviewers personal space (do not sit anything on his or her desk) ("Interviewing Skills: What To Do During An Interview"). It is also important to remember that non-verbal communication such as, posture, eye contact, and body movement are a major part of sending a positive message. During the interview it is best to stay calm and take your time answering the question. It is also proper to either clarify the question being asked or repeat it to make sure it is answered correctly. The interview process is additionally a two-way street, meaning the interviewee is able to and encouraged to ask question. These questions are in regards to anything about the job itself, the company, or acquiring about the next steps of the interview process. Before leaving the meeting the applicant should summarize their qualifications and state why applicant…show more content…
This letter should be sent immediately after the interview, while the interview is fresh on the employers mind. The letter should include a letterhead, the date of the interview, a personalized message regarding the interview, and a signed conclusion. Another way to follow up after an interview is to wait a few days and call, email, or send a message through LinkedIn asking the employer the status of their search. (Guffey and Loewy) The following up process concluded the interview process. During all stages it is important to be confident and act in a professional manner. By preparing oneself for an interview they will feel more confident and have the knowledge to impress the interviewer. The overall purpose of an interview is for the applicant to professionally tell the employer why they are the best candidates for the job. Employers are looking for individuals that are willing to go above and beyond their daily tasks and have a positive impact on their company. From the beginning to the very end of the employment process it is important to keep a positive mindset. With positivity and confidents the possibility are

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