The Importance Of Interpersonal Effectiveness

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Interpersonal Effectiveness In order to be effective in my personal life, there are certain skills that I need to develop and perfect. A successful personal life is based on a person’s ability to integrate interpersonal skills into day to day activities. Without such skills, there is bound to be conflict in one’s personal life making it difficult to achieve personal goals. In this perspective, it is necessary for a person to understand what areas of the personal life require improvement and set goals on how to improve these areas. One of my goals for interpersonal improvement in my personal life is time management. I need to work harder to improve my time management skills to fit the needs of my personal life. This will increase my efficiency…show more content…
I am passionate about the course I am doing and I believe that I can accomplish a lot through the knowledge I achieve here. However, I need to put more effort into my academics as a means of interpersonal improvement. First, I need to increase my efforts in group and team work to ensure that I tap into my colleague’s knowledge. This requires proper interpersonal skills since there is a lot of communication that happens in group work. There is need for me to look into increasing my participation in group activities that encourage one to express their ideas to others. This will improve my communication as well as writing skills which will remain applicable even after I finish my degree. I do not want to just finish my degree; I want to finish with good grades in every unit. In this view, I need to put special attention to every unit to achieve the best I can. The overall grade will be determined by the grades I get in each unit. I am committed to investing most of my time to the immense amount of studying needed for success in my degree. Interpersonal development in my academic life requires me to make some sacrifices in order to succeed. On this note, I am willing to give up some extracurricular activities in order to spend more time on my studies. Finishing my degree with Honors will be an achievement of one of my most important academic
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