The Importance Of Internship

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While on his internship last spring one of my friends was faced with an ethical and legal decision. My friend rotated through many duties and responsibilities in order to gain a wide range of experiences while on his internship. My friend is a very sociable person who thrives at making new relationships and making people comfortable. He had no problem making relationships with the people within the company and with the people working with the company. At one point during the internship he was in charge of submitting the time sheets for a crew on a particular job. At this point during in time at the company the people working with my friend felt very comfortable talking to him. There was a situation on this job where one of his workers would show up thirty minutes to an hour late each day and clock in late. Towards the end of the week, when it was close to time to turn in the time sheets, this employee walked into my friend’s office and asked him change his timesheet to reflect that he worked the full hours that he was supposed to work that pay period.…show more content…
He was just starting out at the company and was forming new relationships. He wanted to keep positively building upon these relationships because he might end up working with these people again. If he was to falsify the timesheet there would be little to no evidence that anything changed on the job. The monetary difference on the job would not have even been noticeable. The only two people who would have known of his decision would have been the worker and himself. On the other hand, if he was to falsify the timesheet, what would that say about his character? He would lose respect for himself and the respect of that employee. What happens next pay period when the employee starts showing up two to three hours late instead of thirty minutes to an hour? This decision could open the door to other unethical decisions in the future and damage his
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