The Importance Of Internet Security On The Internet

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Internet has become the main medium to run distinct sites. The main issue in using internet for such sites is the security. There are many protocols invented to overcome this problem. This protocol provides the way to increase the security.
The present paper provides the solution to the problem during the communication between the client and server. For this he used smart card and transport layer security/SSL protocols. Its main aim is to overcome the personal issues between two clients for communication.
First thing to be considered is SSL protocol which provides integrity check for TCP/IP connection. It provides the secret way of sending data
The second one is smart card in which a mini 8-bit processor and temporary hard disk are present. A private data and public keys are allocated so that the user can login to specific port and can transfer the data through it.
Special system named IGUANA in which data from different nodes are collected and processed to the TLS server. It provides this data nodes on the internet.
TLS server consists of TCP/IP socket which is connected to both client and server. TCP/IP socket is responsible for connecting user to the smart card.
As the name suggests it is responsible for the connection setup error detection and connection. To run this process three main blocks are present namely hand shake and authentication, communication and error control.
Implementation of this protocol involves six units
• Hand shake and authentication unit: it is used for security purpose. It takes place in two ways o Hand shake with pin o Hand shake with digital signatures
• Connection control and ...

... middle of paper ...

...ockpot() connect() function is used to register to BWSS data structure read() function is used to measure actual rate and attain target bit rate setsockopt() is used to allocate the bandwidth according to the priority.
Using these library functions experiments are conducted to study the ideal care, reduction of link bandwidth and redistribution of bandwidth after congestion.
Finally streaming experiment is conducted to show the difference between video streaming of TCP using BWSS and UDP in this experiment it is proved that video using BWSS has high clarity and throughout than the video which streams using UDP.
Based on the different experiments conducted it is proved that BWSS provides efficient multimedia streaming than TCP. Further studies are carrying out to find more techniques to use BWSS and provide bandwidth regardless to network protocol.
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