The Importance Of Internet Regulation

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Internet Regulation
Internet Regulation is something that needs to be a part of everyone’s lives. People have always been falling into traps online that get them into a huge mess. Ever since the internet has started, the government hasn’t been interested in regulating the internet. I know for a fact that people need to step up and help change what the government doesn’t. Internet regulation is what the people need to go through the internet with ease. Many people would live safer and more secure lives with it.
In business, online products must be told of the truth and nothing else to avoid misleading consumers. Claims made in email advertisement, on a website or in an article designed to bring others to the website must be truthful and not say that the product or service or whatever you are selling can do something it can’t or bring bad results. Also companies cannot represent themselves as spam and change themselves to misrepresent people. Spam and lies about business can lead to disastrous situations. These can lead to robberies, identity theft, and more. The internet is just as dangerous as in real life. Too many people think they are safe enough to do whatever and go on whatever they want. All it takes is one click and something really bad can happen to you or others.
The government is missing all the bad spam and crime online. They don’t regulate anything or what is important online. People fall for spam and lies in emails and on sites that aren’t trusted! Identity theft happens all the time online because people are always clueless and never pay attention to what’s going on. Popular major retail store “Target” was just not too long ago hacked and was robbed millions of people’s identities. This is a huge reason why the...

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...t. Regulation truly is great for society but sometimes can affect how people speak online. What people can’t say in person, usually want to say online, but regulation doesn’t monitor most cyberbullying and people should be able to stop what others say. People should be able delete mean comments that are for the world to see to prevent something life threatening such as someone wanting to commit suicide. Suicide is a HUGE reason why social media should be regulated more because what people say online can change someone’s life completely.
Internet regulation is overall a great safe method of the internet. Regulation can save people from many situations but in also can hold back people from perusing in something good. The internet truly needs more regulating in every aspect of it. People have another life online and regulation can do so much to protect their lives.
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