The Importance Of Internet And Social Media

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Social media and internet browsing nowadays have become easier day by day as technologies to browse the internet and to surf through social media are more portable, smaller, light weight and as a further matter, social media are the essential way of living in the 21st century world. Majority of the world users of the internet and social media uses the virtual platform to communicate with friends and family for a long distance communication and to maintain relationships between their family, friends and colleagues or even to discuss about work or school project as it gives an opportunity to the users of internet and social media to communicate between each other virtually without having them to meet face to face, where the users might be in a situation where they have some difficulty to have a face…show more content…
As stated by McFarlane (2010), “While writing is an effective and enjoyable method of communication, speaking or the ability to speak is the most basic form of communication.” In other words, with the vast growing users of internet and social media globally, there will be some effects towards the users as such as face-to-face communication, psychological behavior, interpersonal relationships and identity formation of the user. Thus, this paper will discuss the effects of communicational technologies with the focus towards young adults. One of the effects of communicational technologies is that there is a decrease of face to face communication between the users, for an example, the
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