The Importance Of International Relations

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Over the past thirty years, the idea of globalization was considered as a golden policy, which many countries decided to actively embrace this idea. Not until the financial crisis exploded in 2008 did many countries, especially developed economies, change the logic of international relations, developing the zero-sum logic that boosting the relative power and wealth of developing countries bases on the crippling of developed economies driven by the factors like slower economic growth, growing rivalry and clash of national interests. However, I think it is the time that all nations need each other more than ever because the international political system has undeniably entered a period of dangerous instability and profound change, and many global…show more content…
Secondly, the problems of uneven distribution of power and the international system lacking a sovereign authority contributing to make and enforce binding agreements make nations do what they want and like to do causing the difficulties in trusting and cooperate with each other. And, I think that the main goal of a country is power maximization and security, so these power seeking state under the framework of no existing binding power are much more willing to take international relations as a battle for survival. Not surprisingly, all nations will try their best to protect themselves first by seeking power and control. Even though many international level organizations have been created to balance this world, the organization itself doesn’t work well to promote the cooperation. Take United Nation as an example. Some member states consider the system as a mechanism for promoting a particular hegemonic order favoring the powerful and rich countries. And, the UN is severely limited in its abilities to interfere with world affairs as a result of the inhospitable political climates surrounding and changing configuration of world politics. The drafters of the Charter couldn’t foresee the frequent change of the balance of initiative, authority, activity and accomplishment among the UN’s major deliberative bodies, which greatly undermine the binding power of the Charter. Difficulty of Group 77 within UN in reaching common interest due to the different economic needs and levels of development does harm to the global cooperation. Self-interested national behavior couldn’t contribute to the smooth and effective functioning of the UN. But back to
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