The Importance Of International Human Resource Management

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anaging people is a difficult task. In every organization, Human resource management is the toughest job as humans are contradicts with their attitude, assumption, aspiration and psychology. Therefore, they face most of the challenges, frustrations, and opportunities that are directly related to the people. In this era, members in managerial level must have plenty of strategic and conceptual skills. HR managers should be able to contribute harmony in the work place as it promotes proactive work atmosphere. Similarly, Managers should have an ability to empower the employees as it enables them to devote their maximum effort to their job. Now, the world is becoming more international. Due to globalization, resources of various countries are being used for producing goods and services and most of them are able to do it efficiently. In contrary,…show more content…
(Dickmann et al, 2008; p7 cited in Brewster et al, 2011; p23) The main difference between local HRM and International HRM is the knowledge and responsibility required by foreign operations which includes language, laws and regulations, currency exchange rates, career outlooks and company benefits. The most important knowledge is about the ethics of foreign business contracts. The members of International Human resource must understand the differences of culture and ethics in an organization and should be aware of it. There are various HR challenges of International Business. It is a complex job to deal with global staffing. In contrary, there is a huge competitive advantage of it if an organization is capable to such
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