The Importance Of Intercultural Interwareness

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Module 3 -SLP
Intercultural awareness is important for effective management and achievement of organizational goals. In this paper, Intercultural awareness will be examined through two quizzes that will be taken through an online portal.
Quizzes taken
• From Set A-Working Globally across Cultures, I got 10/10 (100%) (Appendix A)
• From set B- I answered questions about China’s cultural etiquettes, I got 6/10 (60%) (Appendix B)
Were you surprised at your score? Yes, I was. I thought I was very equipped with information from other cultures and that the knowledge I had about cultures was adequate. My scores imply that I should put more effort in learning about different cultures to enable me to interact easily with other people from diverse
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My communication ability was strengthened because of the different opportunities I got to interact with people from diverse cultures. This opportunity enabled me to build on my communication skills with individuals of various accents and languages (Kourova & Modianos, 2013). On multiple occasions, I can understand effectively and interpret messages, negotiate meanings, as well as reduce the possibility of wrong interpretations.
I also understand that there are differences among cultures, and each culture has its way of doing things which might be different from my culture. This understanding enables me to appreciate others culture as well as try to learn something new from them.
Weaknesses in inter-cultural awareness
The weak point I have is that no matter how much I have read in books or watched on television; I will never understand everything about some cultures. Not unless I experience it or study it widely. Without education and training, I might be offensive to a person from a different culture and not know what I have done.
My other weakness is I might not be sensitive enough to individuals from other cultures, which prevents me from associating correctly with them. Cultural sensitivity in an important aspect of achieving business goals. Thus, insensitivity causes me not to connect or work with people properly (Moran et al., 2014).
Why gaps exist in cultural

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