The Importance Of Integrity And Ethics Play A Huge Part On Helping Build Trust Within Communities

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In order to have effective policing I believe integrity and ethics play a huge part in helping build trust within communities. Sound conduct by police improves community interactions, enhances communication, and promotes shared responsibility for addressing crime and disorder. There are three ways that police departments can strengthen community relationships just by training officers about procedural justice, bias reduction, and racial reconciliation. If we implement these concepts, we can create an environment in which effective partnerships between the police and citizens can flourish. Law enforcement executives want the public to get a positive, ethical image of the various department what they are sworn to serve and protect. The image that the community perceives of its local police department is influenced by many variables. Many law enforcement personnel perform honorable and conscientious police work, but when there is a story about police misconduct or corruption a lot of damage can be done. Each police department is different, which means every community is going to have a different view on how they see police. How the department interacts with its citizens, how accessible it is to the community, and how it manages Internal Affairs issues are integral to the profession overall. Police officers are held to very high standards in the public’s eyes. If police executives don’t continue to reinforce sound, ethical policies and procedures to agency personnel and the public, they will lose the trust of the communities. Proper behavior must be utilized and building trusting working relationships between the public and police must be sustained. Community trust is an established and highly honored relationship between an agenc... ... middle of paper ... ...of community trust, businesses are more likely to locate there, bringing services to citizens and funds to the city. In conclusion it is very important that law enforcement are held to high ethical standards and accountability to the community that each agency is sworn to serve and protect. It only takes one person to engage in misconduct to give the agency a bad reputation. Executives need to make sure they are maintaining community trust every day. Community policing and getting residents involved is an effective way to policing. A department’s integrity can be sustained by community outreach, standardized practices of hiring new recruits, continuing training, and evaluations, while building public trust. If police departments have standards and practices of integrity in place, law enforcement will be able to maintain its place as honorable. Everyone will benefit.

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