The Importance Of Information Security

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Information assurance is a very critical issue within the 21st century. The rise of hackers in a technology dependent world has not only affected individual consumers, but also businesses and governments. Personal lives are being affected by data breaches every day due to the increase of cyber criminals that are attacking databases of various companies such as Target and Home Depot. The education that I expect to receive from Regis University and the MSIA program is one that will not only help me understand how to resolve these current threats that affect different sectors, but also one that will prepare me to be ahead of the threats within the future. I expect to understand what are the security issues that allow hackers to be successful in…show more content…
As an online digital printing company that is dependent and based on the cloud, this means that all of our information is online and anyone who is interested enough can spend some time to try to hack into our database and cause malicious damage. This would affect the entire company, our customers, and our customers ' customers. Everyone who is dependent on our system would be affected if a data breach were to occur. When I first started in the Software Development position, I had to set up my own development station and connect to a remote database, which I found out was all too easy to do and seemed somewhat insecure. However, I became more interested in working with issues within the database when I learned how easy it was to manipulate the data in the live database to fix urgent problems that were caused by glitches within the processing of customer…show more content…
I envision myself in a position where I am a critical member of an organization that helps protect information and thwarts security attacks on databases. I look forward to working in a place where my skills will be constantly put to use as an information security analyst, network administrator, or security consultant. It is not often that you hear about women leading in cyber security. I do envision myself to be one of the many women who are breaking the mold in the information assurance industry.
We are hardly ever provided the reasons as to why cyber criminals were successful in hacking into a database, or what the organization is doing to increase the level of security on their systems. I want to become one of the people who investigate these incidents, resolve them, and make sure that it does not happen again. I want to help the victims of these cyber criminals by making sure that they are not victims again, but also to track down and identify as to who is responsible for these attacks on both individuals and

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