The Importance Of Individuality In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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1129 words

The Giver by Lois Lowry is about a young boy who is reaching his twelfth year and his hesitation to know what assignment (career) he will be given as he doesn’t know where he fits within his community. Others around him have a close idea of what assignment (career) they will be given but he has no clue. He is an individual with a unique mind and he is different from the rest of the community. The book also covers the issue of lack of freedom and the control the Elders have over the communities. Jonas is given an important role as Receiver of Memory and is introduced to The Giver he is the fount of all knowledge past and present. The memories Jonas receives The setting of the worldwide known novel The Giver by Lowry is a fictional world. There …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how lois lowry's the giver is about a young boy who is reaching his twelfth year and his hesitation to know what assignment (career) he will be given.
  • Explains that the setting of lowry's the giver is a fictional world with no countries or states, just the communities. the narration is stylised in the third person, creating an overseeing effect.
  • Analyzes how individuality is not depicted in the giver as the society and the communities are all the "same".
  • Analyzes how jonas "lives" in a society where they believe they have the power of freedom.
  • Analyzes how memories shape jonas' coming of age story in the giver. the novel paper towns by john green is similar in nature to the novel.
  • Analyzes how jonas' coming of age couldn't have been aided with various topics, such as the importance of being an individual and how that shapes a person, and the power that comes with freedom and responsibility.

Difference was not celebrated in the world of The Giver in fact it was the opposite. Jonas once said “I feel sorry for anyone who is in a place where he feel strange and stupid”, the idea that difference is not normal shows how Jonas’ coming of age period of his life would be difficult. Other children in Jonas’ community could tell where there assignment (career) would be, he did not. He did not know where he fit in the world he was “living” in. He had a quality that was not possessed by any, all except the Giver, and it was individuality. He knew he was different and he knew he had no direction in his life. Because he was different, an individual, he was chosen to be the new receiver of memory. When Jonas was given his rules for being the new receiver of memory, they exempted him from foundational rules the communities lived by, making him different, an individual. Near the conclusion of Lowry’s book, Jonas has a revelation “If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things!” Finally, Lowry shows the reader that Jonas has individuality and he chooses to accept it because it will mean he can be different and not do the same monotonous tasks everyone else has to do. Freedom in the Giver is clearly shown as a supressed

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