The Importance Of Independence In Thomas Paine's Common Sense

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Common Sense Essay Thomas Paine’s Common Sense an extremely influential piece of American history that helped shaped the future of our country. It gave many reasons of why the colonies should break away from Britain and declare independence. After being published, it sold well over 100,000 copies in the first few months. Paine was able to make all the reasons of why the colonies should break away from Britain available to many people and was able to convince them that these reasons were strong and worthy. There are many points that Paine makes throughout his writings but some of the bigger points were one, that the hereditary succession that was in place at the time was unjust. Paine also feels that Britain should not have any rule over the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how thomas paine's common sense is an influential piece of american history that helped shape the future of our country.
  • Analyzes paine's argument that the king of britain and being under the monarchy is of no help to the colonies.
  • Analyzes paine's point that the king has too much power over britain and the americas. the colonists have no say in what laws are made.
  • Analyzes paine's point that if the colonies stay under the rule of britain, people from around the world will not want to migrate to the americas because of how many problems happen under a monarchy.
  • Analyzes how thomas paine's common sense was able to give the people of the colonies reasons why they should declare independence from britain.

Paine is able to counter his argument with strong examples and support of why independence is best for the colonies and at he is able to show that war is not the option to gain independence. One of Paine’s argument and quite possibly the most important topic of his article is that the king of Britain and being under the monarchy is of no help to the colonies. Paine says that “Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil.” What Paine means by this is that is that have a having a set society and rules is a good thing but he feels as though having a strong set government and having a king rule over a nation like a dictatorship is evil and not something that should have control over all people. There were so many issues with how the king was chosen and who could become king such as there was no age limit, there …show more content…

The colonists have no say in what laws are made. The king has absolute authority over all the laws and will only pass the one that he wants whether or not they are in the best interest of the people and the nation. Many of the people in the colonies do not think that the king will allow them to declare independence. “They dreaded an independence, fearing that it would produce civil wars.” He is says this after he has talked to some men of the colonies and he feels that they have spoken without thinking. This is the fear that has been placed on them because of all the problems with civil wars and rebellions that have come under the monarchy. Paine feels as though if the colonies declare independence and stand behind it that this will not happen, that they need to be strong against the king and knock down some of his power, and also have the people more involved within the

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