The Importance Of Imperialism In Society

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Throughout the course of human history, there’s always been a part of civilization that has good-natured people. This fact may seem obvious now, however, in reality it has only been clear that there has always been this aspect of society for merely a few hundred years. From the time of the Enlightenment in the mid to late eighteenth century, it was discovered human nature could be more sympathetic, reasonable, and compassionate than history had led on. Although there have been laws, bloody battles, and cruel punishments in the past, it at least became a common understanding that this wasn’t the entire society’s beliefs as a whole and even the people causing them could in fact be seen, at least from their side, to be doing it for good reasons and for good people. A few key groups were able to help spread this idea of people being good-natured and the society’s that carry that aspect the most thrive the most. The time of Imperialism is a perfect…show more content…
He’s sympathetic towards the sister of the pawnbroker as he did not expect her to arrive while killing the pawnbroker and instantly regrets committing the entire act which is a start to proving he is a good person, despite making a life altering mistake. Throughout the novel, he finds the constant physical uneasiness (constantly fainting, physically ill, increasingly decrepit body) and the physiological battle about if what he did was right, if it was worth it, and if he should turn himself in is too much to bear and by the end of the novel, confesses for his crimes. Turning himself in, considering the interests of others (especially Sonia, his mother, and Sister), and having his friends testify at his trial about the good deeds he’s committed in Raskolnikov’s life, all demonstrate how he’s a good person who made one swift and rash
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