The Importance Of Imitation In Susan Blackmore's 'Strange Creatures'

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Various opinions have been made about what makes humans different for any other living creatures. There is no real answer to the question. In Susan Blackmore’s “Strange Creatures”, she debates that our ability to imitate, and the idea of memes is what makes us different from others creatures. The idea of imitation is what makes humans unique, and different; other creatures take a while to imitate someone but for humans it comes naturally since birth. Learning is something that’s unique and it should not be adapted through imitative teaching but when looked at American education system, students are learning through imitation. To other creatures, imitation is something unique but in humans perspective, imitation is natural and not something…show more content…
Think about it, the people that smoke and drink, they imitated the others around them and started it. While many can handle smoking and drinking, some cannot and in that case there are sever consequences that can happen to them. Imitation might be special but is it that special to ruin a life over? Imitation has an impact on lives that try to be someone they can’t be. Imitation takes away a person that could have been something. Susan Blackmore discusses Dawkins viewpoint on the things that humans copy. She quotes Dawkins saying, “he talked about fashions in dress or diet,and about ceremonies, customs and technologies-all of which are spread by one person copying another. Memes are stored in humans brains (or books or inventions) and passes on by imitation”(36). Everything that we have in today’s world is developed through imitation, which means that children are just copying each other rather than being their own person. The idea of plagiarism leading us to jail, makes no sense when all our lives we have grew up copying each other. We have not learn anything and basically committed a crime, which should really have server consequence but it doesn’t rather it is something unique and…show more content…
Students are encouraged to memorize the things they learn, which basically defines imitation. Students imitated their teachers and show how well they know topic through various tests. Rather than getting grading on their performance on a given assessment, students should get graded on how well they have improved throughout the course. If they get graded on their improvement, more will be able to express their unique self and not have to imitated what the teachers taught them. Without the imitative way of learning, students will have better critical thinking skills. There are three types of learning that can be caught to students but by choosing to teach student with learning of imitation, the American Education is failing to find the real future of America. Susan Blackmore claims that, “We use the same word ‘learning’ for simple association or ‘classical conditioning’, for learning by trail and error or ‘operant conditioning’, and for learning by imitation” (34). With having the imitation learning there is no uniqueness to the work that one does, it rather repetitive and copied. If American Education wants to be unique they need to make students approach new ideas and talents on their own. By approaching students with learning by trail and error: ‘operant conditioning’, American Education can be unique because they are teaching students to learn from

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