The Importance Of Identity In The African Diaspora

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Identifying with the global community of blackness is a very important part of identity building for people of African descent. By identifying with this diaspora, they align themselves with a history of a strong resilient people with a fluid and beautiful culture. To feel like you are a part of the African Diaspora, first, one must identify with the race that connects all the people of the Diaspora more so than their shared experiences or culture: the African race. In Racial Formations, Omi exhibits that in social interactions, “one of the first things we notice about people when we meet them (along with their sex) is their race. We utilize race to provide clues about who a person is” (Omi 87). Race is an extremely important part of not only identity, but also who we are in society, who we are in relation to the rest of…show more content…
From identity, to history, to social interaction, race has a part to play in who we are and we’re left to wonder the implications of race and its importance in our lives. It is the complexity of identity within race that makes us reconsider who we really are. Race is purely a social concept but, there is reality in the way it is expressed throughout the African Diaspora. Race has played an important role in how societies across the African Diaspora have categorized their peoples and contributed to the formation of their identities. In this paper, I will focus on the construction of race and how race and racialization have played significant roles within the African Diaspora, as it has used classifications of the outside to determine the social conducts of a person in society. Even though race is a social construct, with no basis in biology or other science, there is merit to its impact as we can see through the way race impacts diaspora, shapes identity, and changes how society sees

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