The Importance Of Identity

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Many people have a problem with finding out who they are and their own meaning in the world. First, we have to know what is identity. Identity is, "the fact of being who or what a person or thing is." Identity is an important topic to know about that everybody should have a idea about. Everyone should have an understanding of their own selves that makes you different from own identity. People should be happy with who and what you are proud of. One's identity is always changing due to family, friends, and ourselves. Family have probably the biggest role in everyone lives that will develop overtime. First, every family is different. Religion, culture and history are ways that your family is different from everyone else. Junior from The Absolutely…show more content…
Finding out what you are interested in doing will lead you in the right direction. Finding out who you are will lead you to better and more enjoyable life. You should be proud to be who you are and should not let anyone judge you. First, In the Secret Life of Walter Mitty he his trying to get a understanding why he kept on have visions that keep happening to him like day dreams. He later has to go on these crazy adventures that he's been daydreaming about that leads to what he actually enjoys doing and he is passionate about his job for that. (Stiller) Next, In 18 Years behind bars video, was about a man that went to prison for theft/stealing. Lamont Macon after serving his years in prison he wanted to change his life and do something he was passion about. Lamont right when he got out of prison went to his parents house and wanted to find a job and try to get a new life together instead of his bad habits.(YouTube) Finally, In America Born Chinese Ching Wang decision to change his identity to "danny". Ching Wang didn't like getting made fun of for being chinese and every time he visited he would always embarrass that made it hard for him to be happy with his identity.(214) Ourself is a great way to show the difference in every single human
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