The Importance Of Identity

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Many people have a problem with finding out who they are and their own meaning in the world. First, we have to know what is identity. Identity is, "the fact of being who or what a person or thing is." Identity is an important topic to know about that everybody should have a idea about. Everyone should have an understanding of their own selves that makes you different from own identity. People should be happy with who and what you are proud of. One's identity is always changing due to family, friends, and ourselves. Family have probably the biggest role in everyone lives that will develop overtime. First, every family is different. Religion, culture and history are ways that your family is different from everyone else. Junior from The Absolutely Part Time Indian, shows many good ways how family impresses identity. Junior made the choice of changing school so he could have a better education but he was judged, harassed and bullied.(46) Junior had to develop new ways to fit into his new school and change the way he acts. Next, In the Sex Trafficking Video, the girl was sexually abused ...

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