The Importance Of Human Sciences And History

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Since the beginning of human civilization, mankind has always sought to improve our way of life. The social sciences including psychology, anthropology and economics seek to discover why we act the way that we do, and in doing so, aim to change our society for the better.Historians map out the pattern of human events and try to understand why historical events occurred the way that they did. As a result, it seems as if the human sciences and history are closely linked to each other. Historians often work alongside human scientists in order to understand our societies, and in doing so, change our communities in order to suit our nature better. Human sciences tries to uncover the mystery of human nature and with our newfound knowledge, get a better idea of how we can adapt our society to our nature. Similarly, historians seek to uncover the past and mark the pattern of humanity’s events in an attempt to learn from our past mistakes and in doing so, adapt our society to the future. A famous quotation which states that “History repeats itself”, implies that humanity is destined to repeat a similar, if not the same, pattern of events for as long as we exist. One notable example is Napoleon Bonaparte’s failure to invade Russia in 1812 during his conquest for Europe; in 1941 at the peak of the Nazi regime during the Second World War, Adolf Hitler’s attempted invasion of Russia failed as well. Both of these incidents resulted in the fall of their empires and caused them to lose their respective wars. These events clearly demonstrate that Hitler never learned from Napoleon’s mistake and as a result, the same series of events followed during Operation Barbarossa (the codename for the invasion of Russia during World War II). History is def... ... middle of paper ... ... which studies the past only for the purpose of discovering more about our nature. Historical bias is an issue due to sources coming from various cultures and backgrounds and sometimes even different time periods, which may result in different opinionated response and interpretations. As well, it is noted that the human sciences are directed towards the study of human nature, often requiring the performance of human experiments that can be highly subjective due to their uncontrollable nature. This can sometimes result in the manipulation of data or information in order to suit the hypothesis better, a scenario parallel to bias within historical data. To conclude, both areas of knowledge seek to improve our society for the better in their own ways; whether it beactively through new psychological research, or through the evidence and conclusions drawn by historians.

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