The Importance Of Human Rights Violations In Egypt

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All over the Middle East are human rights violations are being committed every day. The main focus will be in Egypt, the North Eastern part of Africa. Multiple human rights violations take place in Egypt just as often as any other country without a government. Just as others will think, an area with no government will cause major issues; this surge of dilemmas came into being known as the “Arab Spring”. There are many human rights violations to investigate, but the main points will be over religious issues over non-Muslims, torture of the people, and strongly evident are the FGM cases. As Peratis (2006) states, your mosque, or church or synagogue, can demand your obedience, but it cannot send you to jail if you refuse. The non-Muslims have…show more content…
Torture has become an unhealthy habit for Egypt and its people and it needs to be stopped. McBride and Kingston (2014) state that first, Egypt has given statelessness inadequate attention for decades, and its refusal to acknowledge lack of nationality as a human rights issue has led to abuses such as indefinite detention and police brutality. The statement says it all, detention and police brutality towards Egypt’s inhabitants. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that police brutality is a human rights violation. These cases continue to happen in Egypt, especially after the Arab Spring. According to McBride and Kinston (2014), Stateless individuals living in Egypt face daily challenges to their fundamental human rights, as well as threats to their survival and human dignity. Having to survive for your life is a life no one wants to live with. This would not even be considered a life, since it is as gruesome as being put on death row. Fixing the problem would open up new opportunities for Egypt, and a better life style. Torture is something no one should live with. “Nasser also made a special target of the Muslim Brotherhood, which had infiltrated every sector of society and was seen as a threat to his own power. Brotherhood leaders were arrested and tortured (Napoli 1993).” The leader of the Brotherhood was even captured and torture for reasons unknown at this time. Having an act like this is…show more content…
Caldwell (2000) states that in nearly all the present areas of the female circumcision have been performed either on both sexes or on neither. FGM, or female genital mutilation, is a practice that is carried out to mutilate a woman’s genitals. Some women are ok with it, some are not, and some just do not care about FGM. But this is not a point of willingness, but more so about the health of the women of Egypt. “The report 's insights represent an important step towards ending this and other practices that are damaging to women 's health (“Female genital…” 2010).” A women’s health is a serious issue, especially in a growing society. With the problem of women dying, it is only a matter of time before death rates start to increase new diseases start up. FGM is also something the women of Egypt want to end. According to the article Female Genital Mutilation and Social Change (2010), although the national prevalence of genital mutilation remains high in Egypt (91%) and Sudan (89%), as a result of community-driven change all five countries have reported a decrease in the percentage of women who think the practice should continue. Some women have decided to make a change, and that includes stopping the practice of FGM. Stopping FGM can lead to a better health for the women and make them happier overall. “Since 1995, the press has reported many deaths from female genital mutilation.. (Hadi 1997).” With the

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