The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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Successful organizations have the same thing in common; they provide opportunities for leadership skill development. Human Resource plays an important role in developing leaders within the organization, and the department should be dedicated to provide support to individuals and departments, with learning opportunities, to cultivate their talent and leadership skills, so they can better serve the organization. Human Resources has a supportive role to help cultivate and develop talent with learning opportunities that focus on the enhancement of existing skills and acquisition of new skills, including the individuals leadership potential. Also, helping staff members adjust to their new set of responsibilities is a priority for the human resource…show more content…
Rapid change requires a skilled, knowledgeable, workforce with employees who are adaptive, flexible, and focused on the future. As human resource professional, our role is to encourage managers and employees to integrate staff development and opportunities for growth. One of the initial steps that can be done is to assess and provide feedback to staff members regarding their knowledge, skills, and abilities. According to the text, Human Resource Management, by authors Byars and Rue (2011)it is critical that the human resource department has a clear understanding of the "strategic and operational plans of the organization" to be successful (Byars et al., 2011, p. 90). The human resource department can then put into motion the needs of the organization on a short-term and a long-term plan (Byars et al., 2011, p. 90). Some changes might be anticipated and other changes may come without warning. It is the responsibility of the human resource department to have a skills and management inventory to manage these types of changes. Then select the appropriate training and development activities that match the skills inventory, the strategic plans, and the objectives for the organization, management, and the individual (Byars et al., 2011, pgs. 95-96). Current information about the organization and future trends helps create more realistic career development goals. Human resource professional should conduct an individual development plan and career discussion with employees on a regular basis, say annually, and encourage and support other supervisors within the organization to to do the

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