The Importance Of Human Relations On The Workplace

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Many of us feel the difficulties of going to work - this usually indicates that something in this workplace is not right. Sometimes, it comes to the current crisis because of major problems that emerged in the process of work, sometimes it comes to the job type dissatisfaction, or position in the company, but most often it comes to the bad atmosphere in the workplace, which destroys the working enthusiasm, motivation, creativity and productivity. I have chosen to discuss an article about the importance of human relations in the workplace. People with whom we work at work are the ones that we spend the most time with. We share our experiences and many important moments, and that is why it is very important that we get along with them. Our relations with our colleagues may affect us and our business more than we think, or we are aware of. On the one hand, employees are willing to do a lot at work, if they are part of a good team, and if they agree with their colleagues. So often we hear someone talks about how their job and salary are not the best, but the team at work is great, they agree and make a great atmosphere. On the other hand, if we do not agree with our colleagues, and we suffer bad atmosphere, then the job will unwittingly become extremely difficult, even though it might not be, and normally we like to do it. Human relations in the workplace are a major part of what makes a business work (Petryni, 2016). I believe, sometimes, the company does not give such importance to it. However, if the work is not carried out properly, if we exceed deadlines and poor quality is realized, the reason should be sought precisely in this segment, the human factor. If cooperation between employees is better and more dynamic, then they wi... ... middle of paper ... ...ivation (salary, advancement opportunities, working conditions) are undoubtedly important, I believe, that the most successful employees are still those who have a strong inner motivation, the ones really interested in the job, who focus on tasks and want to do them better. I am always trying to accomplish more than what is required, and I am constantly striving for an improvement. I am willing to learn and improve, because I am aware that working well in today 's world it is not impossible if I am not willing to learn, and not acquire new skills. Confident employees are aware of their capabilities, they know what they’re worth, they are ready to take responsibilities and admit when they are wrong. They fight for themselves and their rights, but not to threaten the rights of others. Employers appreciate employees who take initiative, who want to improve performance.
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