The Importance Of Human Nature

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This passage was especially interesting to me because it shows an important thing about human nature. As human beings, we tend to get caught up in the past. No matter how hard anyone tries, misery stays in our memory. In this part of the book, Sethe learns that Halle saw her get raped. Paul D tells her how broken Halle was that he couldn 't protect her. This passage shows Sethe’s thoughts after Paul D tells her about Halle. This demonstrates exactly what goes on everyone 's mind when something bad happens. Just like Sethe, we wish we could choose what stays in our memory and what doesn 't. However, the thing we wish to forget are usually the ones we remember best. It 's human nature for us to stay caught up in the past to the point where we sometimes lose sight of the present. “Like a greedy child” our brain snacthes up everything. With this passage I was able to see Sethe 's thought process as well as relate to her a little bit more.
This passage brings out a very vivid image. The first time I read this I didn 't exactly understand what Sethe was talking about. I had to read a little more to figure out what exactly what she meant
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Denver has not left her house alone for many years. She knows that she has to leave the house to help her mother. This is the first time in the book where Denver finally decides to take action. I chose this passage because it shows how much Denver changes. This step outside of her porch is in a way a symbol of her finally growing up. Before, Denver was not the person one would think would take matters into her own hand. She would usually complain and leave it up to her mother. Denver becomes a sort of unexpected hero. Yes, she is frightened to go out into the world alone, but everyone usually is. At first, the community gives her food as charity. She decides to get a job with Bodwin to pay for the food on her own. This chapter as a whole shows how much Denver grows
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