The Importance Of Human Life Expectancy

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Human Life Expectancy and the Viewpoint of One

As an astronaut working on the international space station, I imagine that making contact with an alien spacecraft would be the single most significant and exciting moment of my life. At the same time, it would be a terrifying moment in my life, calling into question all that up to this point I have believed to be true. Knowing what I know of the current state of affairs on earth I believe one response to alien condemnation is humans will decide to beg for mercy and essentially enslave ourselves, learning what we can about this new species and actively searching for ways to coexist. Another course is that humans will decide to engage in a war of attrition, understanding full well that our loss
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In the end I would take a different approach. I would base my argument for the preservation of life on Jean-Paul Sarte and his writing “Existentialism”. Humankind is a species still in it’s infancy. Scared and reactive. Yet only seventy-one years ago did one of the world’s notable thinkers Jean-Paul Sarte come to the idea of defining ‘existentialism’-the act of learning that we are human because we decide to be, and until that decision becomes necessary, we are nothing. Each human is who they decide to be and yet who we decide to be has direct bearing on the rest of mankind. This is something not fully accepted and even those who do subscribe to it struggle with clarifying some of inconsistencies. We still have much to learn about the human universe as well as the universe in general. While there are flaws in Sarte’s thinking that I will address later, I contend that his theory is enough to spare human life and observe us from a distance, rather than to…show more content…
There are few actions we are born with that are the absolute bare minimum to survive and those are involuntary. We breathe, our heart beats. Unlike the animals that have not been mentioned as far as being killed, humans have to learn how to eat, how to recognize our parents and must without choice depend on others for sustenance and warmth. We cannot walk, speak, control our limbs or our bowels for that matter, and yet within comparatively few years we learn and decide to do all of those things. One belief of existentialism is that we are human because we are forced to act, to become human based on our circumstances and limitations. There is no innate humanity. How interesting would it be to study why humanism is the choice among most humans. There are occasions of people raised by packs of dogs for instance or apes that act as those animals do, but that is the minority of minorities in the realm of human existence. The basis of existentialism calls into question Human nature in general. It’s not bestowed on us by genetic transcription from our parents. It’s not proven to be given by any sort of god or higher power. It simply is. We are nothing until we decide to be. This unique characteristic in the unique environment of earth is something to be preserved as not just rare but as an endangered
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